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The Bird


COMQUAD Drone is a HD camera mounted on a UAV/Quadcopter (Drone).  COMQUAD operates the drone exclusively at an altitude of three (3) to six (6) feet off the ground.  Images photographed by the camera are transmitted to a portable smart device in low-resolution (video only) and are retained on a micro-SD Card in the Drone in HD (both video and jpg still) for downloading on a CPU for Simplified Recording & Editing (see SD Card Specifications here).


The Bird (as we affectionately call the drone because of it's popularity with real birds) is ultralight weighing under 250 grams which makes it portable and exempt in the US for certain state and federal regulations.  It has a 3-Axis Gimbal 2.7K and 4K Cameras and a flying time of

30-minutes per battery charge.

Using the drone’s slow flight speed (C) and Vision Sensor + GPS Precise Hover make it especially useful when flying in the narrow or complex spaces of headstones and cemeteries.

Keep it Simple

It can easily be stated the vast majority of private Drone owners and operators are always looking for the best, newest, and latest Drone available.  That's called product driven.  It's also called stupid -- unless you're a hobbyist, have unlimited funds, and enjoy recreational flying.  To Headstone and Tombstone photography, the cheaper and least expensive options are the best.  The model and type of drone used by COMQUAD is extremebly over-designed for it's purpose and mission. 


Keep it Mobile

  • A.  Mobile Device -- iOS v10.0 or better; Android v6.0 or better,

  • ​B.  Free App - UAV Forecast has complete pre-flight data required for safe and compliant flight,

  • C.  Lightning cable to SD Card reader (optional)

  • D.  SD Card Holder (optional),

  • E.  Drone (see Specs),

  • F.  Battery Charger and three (3) batteries,

  • G.  Controller,

  • H.  Hard Cover Carrying Case

*Fee Apps with Quadcopter from manufacturer include Flight Data Center that displays all flight records.


Tool not Toy

The use of drones for headstone and grave site location is a game changer for the elderly and those with disabilities.  A UAV/Quad-copter/drone allows those individuals to participate and be involved in a critical and all-to-important service and activity.  The "new-ness" of this technology has now expired and the days of a drone being only a toy are over -- it is a life-line tool for those wanting to pursue on-site research, location, and documentation of the genealogy and historic preservation endeavors.  Because these activities do not exceed 6' (2m) in height and remain close to the pilot, it is a welcome addition.

The Squadron

COMQUAD uses one drone only, with a second drone on stand-by (spare).  Both drones in the "Squadron" are well over-engineered for their purpose.  Flying a maximum of 50' in altitude (RTH* minimum), 300' distance in range, and needing none of the standard equipped features included in these quad-copters, there is no need to detail their specifications.  Additionally, being a non-sponsored volunteer effort there is no need to identify the manufacturer or model of these aircraft.  If you need drone instruction, parts or accessories, COMQUAD only uses Drone Valley (not a sponsor and probably doesn't know they are linked).  Click on link for direct access.

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