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Cemeteries are also known as Frontier Graves; Family or Domestic Burial Grounds; Churchyard; Church Burial Grounds; or Graveyards; Potter’s Field; Town or City Burial Grounds; Country Graveyards; Rural Cemeteries; Lawn-Park Cemeteries; Military Cemeteries; Memorial Parks; Green Cemeteries.  They can be beautiful.  People who go to the trouble to make beautiful markers appreciate being remembered, and consider taking photos of their work to be very respectful.  Some small cemeteries are beautiful in that they are unique to those families interred, and tell stories about life in the community.  They often have handmade headstones.  Some, now have solar powered lighting for night viewing.  

The vast richness of expression through form, decoration and materials informs our understanding of the individuals buried in historic cemeteries and their cultural significance.

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